This architectural structure fits perfectly into the local flavor of nature. The main architectural idea of the complex is conceptual, harmonizing with the surrounding panorama, the profile of a three-dimensional building.
When designing a room for children and toddles, we tried to make it as comfortable and soft as possible. Green colors give this room the feeling of harmony and joy, and we hope therefore parents will want to bring their children to this particular kindergarten.
When elaborating this design, we developed a number of different patterns and came up with the architectural design of the facade.
When developing this design project, we were guided by some rules and recommendations, but also we took into account the emerging nuances at all stages of design development.
What’s the first thing we see in the gym?A changing room. It is here that an ordinary person turns into an athlete and gets their motivation for exercising. Wide passages between benches, comfortable lockers, and good lighting are important.
The interior of the office combines two important characteristics that reflect the company’s mission and the trends. The interior, its colors, and the design of the office are beneficial for the business processes...