The building of the administrative building of the children's camp includes a block of the isolation ward with medical functions, but most of it is occupied by administrative premises and a lobby, through which the children's camp itself is entered.
When carrying out a design project for an interior beech, we took into account that the first impression of the client carries the main value - it can influence the repeated appeal for services. We also used...
In our project, modules were developed based on the golden section formula. This height is in harmony with the surrounding buildings and is "readable" to the human eye.
The development of the concept of a yoga center is a rather specific and complex work. And, of course, design that will attract customers and create a unique image of the studio is a task for professionals.
A unique innovative school designed for 1.5 thousand students. The school is surrounded by the magnificent nature of Gelendzhik - and, due to the complex combination of various architectural objects...
Our main task in developing the design of the Jameson Museum in Serbia was to use the materials that are prescribed in the company's brand book. Our team tried to make the space...
The concert hall is located on a large picturesque corner area surrounded by tall pines. Due to its location, the building has an interesting shape that blends in with the surrounding nature.
This architectural structure fits perfectly into the local flavor of nature. The main architectural idea of the complex is conceptual, harmonizing with the surrounding panorama, the profile of a three-dimensional building.
When designing a room for children and toddles, we tried to make it as comfortable and soft as possible. Green colors give this room the feeling of harmony and joy, and we hope therefore parents will want to bring their children to this particular kindergarten.