KIPARH architects

We create architecture
and interior objects
any complexity

Our range of services includes the design and full support of objects:

  • Creation of an architecture and interior concept
  • Development of design and project documentation
  • Passing project control
  • Supplies of materials and equipment
  • Control of construction stages

From idea to complete implementation

The project is the beginning of an easy and controlled construction

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of trusted contractors and suppliers, we implement our projects up to 100% readiness of the facility, with furniture, household appliances and all necessary components.

Our projects

The interior of an apartment for sale, where a small area of 50 m² has been divided into five functional areas. Ergonomics of space and thoughtful layout in this project testify to...
The house is surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Crimea - and, due to the special shape and protruding elements, it is woven into this environment. It looks like a sculpture in the midst of an incomparable landscape, and therefore it is made in a monomaterial...
What is the concept of this interior? It was built on making a minimalist interior with warm and sandy shades. The supporting elements of this concept are wood and porcelain stoneware.