Mary J Beauty House

When developing this design project, we were guided by some rules and recommendations, but also we took into account the emerging nuances at all stages of design development. Essentially, we knew that the more attractive and interesting the design will be, the more clients will come and stay there.


The main concept of our interior is a combination of three basic components:

- Asymmetry;

- Multi Layering;

- Unpredictability


The main challenge that we faced was to emphasize the design with  some low-key details of the interior. The color choice is dominated by soothing shades of gray, beige, brown, black and pearl white, and some gold accents. We selected as comfortable and minimalist furniture as possible. The minimalistic design is complemented and emphasized by the form of the room. We used small vases and plants as decorative elements.

The main thing that rivets the attention of customers is the game of forms and shapes that makes the whole design interesting.