Sanatorium complex NAVI

The main component of this object is shopping arcades, they are located along the main street that leads to the sea, so is the front alley of the site.

The malls have a terrace with a canopy, and its  main function is creating a shade, but it also has another function. Since this complex does not have a courtyard and this area is entirely occupied by the pool so for that there is a terrace area with a bar and sun loungers.Through the terrace you can also go to the second level of the spa, there are common  areas. For that we came up with a rather interesting solution, where a swimming pool is located on the 2nd floor and above the spa there is a restaurant with outdoor terraces and a view of the coast.

This complex has 180 rooms, 20 cottages, which are divided into one-level and two-level ones, besides, there is a supermarket near the malls.