The hotel project is a building with a variable number of storeys, an elongated shape along the design site. The central part of the building stands out for its volume, which attracts and makes the shape of the building more interesting.
The architecture of this hotel, which worked out the appearance of buildings, their internal layout, creates an expressive and memorable image. Each component is important and independent, but only in a complex, uniting into one harmonious whole...
The architectural appearance of this hotel has a visual image of modern architecture, striking the imagination with the boldness of forms and technical solutions. Such buildings are extremely functional and modern, which use...
This architectural structure fits perfectly into the local flavor of nature. The main architectural idea of the complex is conceptual, harmonizing with the surrounding panorama, the profile of a three-dimensional building.
An interesting and memorable hotel at the winery, the shape of which makes you pay attention to it. The combination of bright colors with corrosion on the metal perfectly supports the idea of ​​the winery.
When designing a room for children and toddles, we tried to make it as comfortable and soft as possible. Green colors give this room the feeling of harmony and joy, and we hope therefore parents will want to bring their children to this particular kindergarten.
The main component of this object is shopping arcades, they are located along the main street that leads to the sea, so is the front alley of the site. The malls have a terrace with a canopy, and its main function is creating a shade...
When elaborating this design, we developed a number of different patterns and came up with the architectural design of the facade.
When developing this design project, we were guided by some rules and recommendations, but also we took into account the emerging nuances at all stages of design development.