Modern two-room apartment in Rostov-on-Don with an area of 78 square meters. The apartment is made in restrained colors with accent emerald color.
The development of the concept of a yoga center is a rather specific and complex work. And, of course, design that will attract customers and create a unique image of the studio is a task for professionals.
A unique innovative school designed for 1.5 thousand students. The school is surrounded by the magnificent nature of Gelendzhik - and, due to the complex combination of various architectural objects...
Our main task in developing the design of the Jameson Museum in Serbia was to use the materials that are prescribed in the company's brand book. Our team tried to make the space...
The advantage of an apart-hotel is that the room has a kitchen and during your stay you can use the amenities of the hotel and the benefits of the apartment. You can live in an apartment hotel room for months.
The hotel is located on a large scenic corner lot surrounded by tall trees. The volumetric composition of the building is a creative understanding of the interesting contour of the site. The building is made of various volumes.
The concert hall is located on a large picturesque corner area surrounded by tall pines. Due to its location, the building has an interesting shape that blends in with the surrounding nature.
When designing a hotel by the sea, the work is divided into several stages. At each design stage, a number of important tasks are solved, without which it is impossible to go further.
The hotel project is a building with a variable number of storeys, an elongated shape along the design site. The central part of the building stands out for its volume, which attracts and makes the shape of the building more interesting.