Villa Vishnevy

A villa of 300 in Sochi is designed in a modern style with antique elements. For example, vertical elements such as chimneys, are lined with 3D panels with flutes of a certain style. The facades facing the neighbors have glazed windows. They create the needed privacy and they are lined with the same 3D panels. And the facades of the house facing the courtyard have a lot of glazed windows with  wooden elements.

To create the illusion of floating and lightness, the first floor is made of dark porcelain stoneware and it seems to be dissolving under the white massive heavy construction above. To maintain the floating illusion, the overhanging slab above the BBQ area is supported by columns that are decoratively enlarged and for the most part are not connected with the slab.


The first floor has public spaces such as a spacious kitchen combined with a living room with access to the terrace, to the pool, technical premises, an office and a guest bedroom. There is also access from the bath block with panoramic windows from outside. The second floor is private, it has 2 children's bedrooms, a laundry room, shared bathroom and access to the second floor's shared terrace. Also on the private floor there is the master bedroom block. You can get into the rooms from the hall from which we can see the living room.