Villa Ai-Petri

The house is surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Crimea and it perfectly fits into this environment because of its elegant design and shape. It looks like a beautiful sculpture among a breathtaking landscape, and therefore it is made of mono-material.

Two atriums are filled with trees and plants so it feels closer to nature.

Nature and interior seem to be intertwined since the building has multiple sliding glass windows. The house is facing the river to the south.

On the first floor there is a spacious kitchen combined with a living room, an office, a guest bedroom and the master bedroom where you can get to by walking past the atrium with a tree inside.


From the kitchen there is access to the draft kitchen, and from the living room to the shared bathroom.


On the second floor there are two children's bedrooms, divided by a spacious hall.


In addition, the house has an underground floor where we placed a storage room, a technical premise, a garage and a home theater with a bar.


In front of the building there is a spacious swimming pool with various lounge areas. The barbecue area is located below, by the river, where there is a meditation house and a sauna with panoramic windows.