Sea Forest

The main part of the hotel infrastructure are small hotel buildings (guest villas). This structure implies the concept of recreational space for different clientele so both couples with children and the younger generation will be able to spend quality time in a pine forest on the Black Sea coast.


The design of hotel buildings (guest villas) allows to create separate environments for visitors. The intimacy could also be enhanced by landscaping and creating a certain design of the territory. In addition to the guest villas, the guests will have access to the adjacent area with everything you need for the good rest such as covered terraces, barbecue area, swimming pool and sports area. Also, each site is equipped with parking spaces for 2 cars.

The dominant feature in this composition is a restaurant on a cliff, which is a center of attraction for social activity on the way to the beach. The location of the restaurant and its internal layout offers visitors a beautiful view of the bay.

Part of the infrastructure of the complex includes a beach with equipped embankment. A bridge and an elevator provide a barrier-free effortless access to it.

The hotel complex "Sea Forest" is located on the Black Sea coast, and it includes 4 groups of different functional purposes:

- 90 hotel buildings for 6 residents (guest villas). Each of them is located on site of 600 ;

- Hotel with 25 rooms;

- Spa complex;

- Restaurant with a capacity for 500 persons.