Village in Sochi

This project was designed on a quite steep terrain and this was one of the main problems that had to be solved. Also, a large territory was divided into equal areas for each cottage. In our project, there are two areas with townhouses and 4 for cottages. Our  task was to build a house that will fit in all the areas in a given terrain.

On the two upper sections of the cottage we used a slightly modified type. Two houses are rotated 90 degrees and some windows are facing  the other side.

In our  facade solutions:

We visually divided the first and second floors in two different colors. On the first floor we use gray porcelain stoneware, and on the second floor the same white plaster. The division into dark and light colors  is done in order to give a horizontal composition to this compact and tall building.

The superstructure on the roof was made of aluminum panels, which have a diffuse reflection and they fit in nature, because they reflect greenery, the sky so it’s not visually overloaded.

The horizontal composition of the house is also emphasized by a Japanese-style canopy.

On the second floor of the cottage there is a common area, it includes:

  • living room;
  • shared bathroom;
  • office;
  • stairs to the roof , where in the superstructure there is an additional recreation area, and in the future could be a children's bedroom or a guest bedroom;
  • a ladder to the 1st floor, where there is a block of the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom are located.

Townhouses are also located in a common area and their shaping done in accordance with the area, because one of them has a triangular shape and it narrows to one of the sides and therefore there are some restrictions.

Townhouses and cottages are built according to the general style of the village.