Complex with thermal springs in the village of Mostovskoy.

How did we come up with this idea?

The design began with the customer's requirements. A dining room had to be attached to the hotel, and the complex had to include a spa area with a bathhouse, a huge thermal pool (about 500 m³) and a common area that would combine a temporary accommodation area and conference rooms.

The idea of the complex is that there are two types of clients: a client who comes for one day, who must rent a gazebo with access to the pool, and those who come for several days. They would stay in a hotel and should have access to the pool. Accordingly, the buildings were arranged in a U-shape so that they are surrounded by the pool area.

This place could receive not only private clients, but also large groups of people, for example, football and volleyball teams for their accommodation and the facilities are adapted to needs. The complex has a large conference hall of over 200 m², an indoor sports hall with a height of about 8 m. Dance and gym rooms are also provided.

In the thermal complex there are  around 15 gazebos for temporary stay with accommodation for up to 15-20 people each. Access to the spa is available through the hotel on the 2nd floor, which has several medical and beauty rooms, a sauna and large changing rooms that can accommodate more than 100 people.