Vidny Villa

The interior design of this villa is based on a single compositional solution, which can be seen in the horizontal lines of decoration and furniture. The wall in the TV area is made of a beautiful stone, combined with marble elements. The kitchen is bright and it has a colorful expressive elements. The kitchen, the dining area and the living room in this project are designed in the same style, which is well lit thanks to the panoramic windows and volumetric structures on the ceiling.

Unusual compositional solutions in this space are perceptible in the cabinets with their  unusual panels that look interesting and because of  the lighting they create a beautiful ambience.

The villa is divided into such important and functional areas as:

  • on the first floor there are common spaces such as  a spacious kitchen combined with living room with access to the terrace, to the pool, technical premises, an office and a guest bedroom;
  • from the outside there is also access from the bath block with panoramic windows;
  • the second floor is private, it has 2 children's bedrooms, a laundry room, shared bathroom and access to the second floor's shared terrace;
  • also on the private floor there is a master bedroom.